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Colin James


Inner Profit and The Colin James Method®

Co-founder of Inner Profit and The Colin James Method®.

Colin is in the business of supporting, developing and promoting professional employees. He is in the business of building Professional Employee cultures. Over his 30 years as an Educator, Speaker, Facilitator and Trainer, he has worked with an extensive array of clients, in a variety of industries throughout Australasia, Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA.

It is rare to find one person who can MC a conference brilliantly, deliver a standing ovation standard keynote as well as run a deeply engaging workshop to embed skills, all on the same day. He can also consult with clients on event design to create profoundly memorable, world-class conferences.

Colin is not the ‘motivational speaker’ type. Platitudes, sound bites and tired ‘Believe in yourself and anything is possible’ hyperbolic stuff is not what he does. His keynotes, whilst deeply engaging also challenge and provoke whilst imparting practical depth and workable knowledge.

Colin is one of those people that has spent his life exploring cultures, religions, philosophies and human psychology, which has seen him travel far and wide and have adventures others only read about. He has a background in broadcasting and marketing but it is his unique corporate style, captivating cartooning skills and content that sets him apart.

He was a recipient of the Australian Educator of the Year, 2008. His work as an Educator began in 1988 at the Australian Quadriplegic Association where, as Training Manager, he designed a groundbreaking 18 week Tertiary Rehabilitation Program. His work with people with spinal cord injury led to him working alongside Christopher Reeve and Facilitating the Australian Spinal Cord Injury Summit in 2002.

He is one of those speakers who creates two experiences: ‘where did the time go?’ pointing to the fact he holds the full attention of every room he presents to and ‘we don’t want him to stop’ reflecting the depth and value he brings to every event he delivers.