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Peter Foley CFP®


Thirdview Financial Planning

Peter Foley is the owner and financial adviser of Thirdview Financial Planning. Peter is a Certified Financial Planner® with more than 20 years in the financial services industry. After building experience with Zurich and ING, Peter started Thirdview Financial Planning in 2009, to serve his clients in a different and more customised way to the industry norm.

Peter’s approach is values driven, believing that our personal values drive our lifestyle desires, and financial management is most effective when aligned with those personal values to achieve outcomes. He couples this values approach with sound financial planning principles and technical knowledge, delivered with compassion and insight.

Peter’s tenacity and commitment have paid off with Thirdview featured in the BRW Fast Starters List in 2013, then receiving the FSP Adviser of the Year 2012, and recently being awarded FSP National Practice of the Year in 2016 (two or less advisers category).

Peter is committed to health and fitness alongside his continuing professional development, and lives in Sydney with his wife and two boys.