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Simon Dowling

Author, speaker, facilitator, advisor and coach

Simon Dowling is a leading thinker on creating collaborative teams and workplaces. His passion for team dynamics started when he led a double life: during the day he was a commercial lawyer in a big city firm and at night he was a performer in improvised comedy shows, including the hit TV show Thank God You’re Here. The contrast between these two worlds was what spurred him to go it alone in his own practice so he could help others pair the technical skills of negotiating agreement with a sense of play, engagement and, most importantly, action!

He is the author of a the book ‘Work with Me: How to get people to buy into your ideas’.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Simon now works with senior leaders and their teams as a mentor and coach, and is a highly sought-after national speaker. His clients are like a variety show bag, ranging from funky start-ups and tech companies to banks, government agencies, educational institutions and elite sporting clubs.

Simon continues to admire the way a great improvisation company can come together and create compelling scenes and stories for its audiences without a hint of a script — the essence of true collaboration.

When not working with people or presenting at conferences, Simon can be found hanging out at one of Melbourne’s many cafés and coffee hotspots, or at the beach with his family, assessing the surf conditions (waiting for the perfect wave, of course).