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Tony Gilham CFP®

Tony Gilham CFP®

Founding Partner

GFM Wealth Advisory

Tony Gilham is the Founding Partner at GFM Wealth Advisory

Tony started providing Financial Advice to clients in 1973, as a self employed sole practitioner, offering a range of superannuation and insurance products in what was then a fairly unsophisticated marketplace. Since the very first day, the business has continued to grow, with a total of 26 staff, and now specialising in superannuation and retirement planning.

Tony was at the forefront of financial planning in the mid-1980’s, following significant changes to superannuation legislation in 1983. Tony received his first ‘financial planning’ authorisation in 1985, and has completed numerous courses around superannuation, personal taxation planning, estate planning, investment markets, and is extremely well qualified through education and experience over four decades.

Over the last decade, GFM has moved its business model to specialise in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Although GFM has operated and managed SMSFs on behalf of clients since 1996, the significant growth has been largely attributed to GFM’s concentration on managing SMSFs over the last ten years.

Today, the vast majority of GFM’s client base is SMSF clients. The SMSF service offering is a complete ‘end to end’ offering, including SMSF set-up, administration, compliance, investment advice and accounting.

In 2003, GFM made a significant decision in applying for its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). The implication of Gilham Financial Management (GFM) having its own AFSL is that it has no financial institution, bank or fund manager that dictates which investments its planners recommend or how clients are to be invested. GFM is 100 per cent owned by staff.

GFM is an FPA Professional Practice.

In 2013, GFM acquired accounting firm P. Gruchy and Associates, which has since been renamed GFM Gruchy Accounting. The acquisition has been critical for GFM as it allows the offering of not only comprehensive financial advice but also high quality accounting solutions.

Tony is a member of the GFM Investment Committee, which meets monthly to research, select and monitor all investments on the GFM approved investment list.

We chose investments purely on their merit, not by the influence of any external party.

Tony retired in August 2017, almost exactly 44 years after he started the business back in July 1973.  Whilst Tony has retired from the day to day activities of the business, Tony will continue on in his capacity as a member of the Investment Committee and remain a regular attendee of GFM events.

Tony is married with three adult children, and three grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys his holiday home with the rest of the family, squeezes in the occasional game of golf, enjoys to travel, and is a bit of an adventurer, having completed the Kokoda Track in 2008 and climbing up to Everest Base Camp in 2014.

Gilham Financial Management trading as GFM Wealth Advisory, ABN 69 006 679 394, AFSL 229401.