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Sharing content in your newsletter

Sharing Money & Life content in your client newsletter

If you use an email marketing system such as Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor, sharing Money & Life content with your clients and prospects is simple. As an FPA member you have access to the snippet tool allowing you to add articles from Money & Life into your email newsletters in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Select the article

Choose the article you’d like to share and click the green </> icon situated below the article image (shown below):



Step 2: Copy to clipboard

Click on the “copy to clipboard” button in the pop up box to copy the code.



Step 3: Paste into your email template

Find the </> tool in your email marketing system template to paste the copied code (see example below). Your email should now include the article title, image, short introduction and a link.



HINT: Look for a button similar to </> (you can see in the example above on Mailchimp this button is next to the ‘clear styles’ option).

Remember to test your email and check the link/s are working correctly before you send it.

Need help? Please contact Money & Life at [email protected].