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Nothing says forever like a Pronup

17 April 2019

Money & Life team

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Forget the Prenup

Not to be mistaken for a prenup or postnup, a Pronup or Pronuptial Agreement is a written financial plan that a couple puts in place with the help of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional.

How we handle money within a relationship can be more important than anything else in keeping us together, or driving us apart.

Research shows that money is the number one cause of divorce in Australia . So if you’re sweeping money issues under the carpet now, chances are your relationship will pay the price later.

We’re introducing the Pronup as a way to get money conversations out in the open for you and your partner. It’s an opportunity to get on the same page with your finances, reiterates your commitment to your shared dreams, and creates pathways to achieve individual goals such as starting your own business or buying a house. With the advice of a CFP® professional, a Pronup will make your money work harder to unlock your long and short term goals.

How can a Pronup help?

You might think a Pronup, or a financial plan, is something you and your partner should consider later on in life when you have more money, more time or you’re older and wiser. Think again! A pronup is for every couple, no matter what age or stage you’re at. It’s your chance to proactively and positively invest in their future together, regardless of whether you’re de-facto or married, same-sex or mixed-gender, young or advanced in years.

Talk to a Pronup expert

So who can help create the best Pronup for you and your partner? It can be confusing knowing who to trust with your finances and your personal circumstances. You want someone who is highly knowledgable and has your best interests at heart. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® or CFP® professional 
is internationally recognised for having the highest education and ethical standards in financial planning.

A serious relationship can be fraught with emotional and financial complexities. A CFP® professional can alleviate some of those complexities by providing a plan that will see you work together to achieve financial goals.

What to expect

Your first meeting with a CFP professional is a bit like a couples counselling session about money. Your CFP professional will help tease out you and your partners short and long term goals, as individuals and as a couple. This provides your CFP® professional with a clear picture of where you’re at, what your assets are, what you owe, what’s working well and what isn’t in terms of spending and saving.

Your CFP professional will work with you to assess your current financial situation, and come up with recommendations that suit your position, to make sure your finances are set up to help you achieve your goals.


Don’t start with a prenup, start with a Pronup! Download our free dedicated Pronup eBook to help get you and your partner on your way to a better financial future.