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Choosing a financial planner

What can a CFP® professional do for me?

04 April 2019

Money & Life team

Money & Life contributors draw on their diverse range of experience to present you with insights and guidance that will help you manage your financial wellbeing, achieve your lifestyle goals and plan for your financial future.

Choosing the right finance advice

Whatever your life stage, making the right decisions about your financial situation has never been more important. Knowing who to turn to for financial advice is essential. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional is internationally recognised for having the highest education and ethical standards in financial planning. So when you want trusted, credible financial advice, look for a CFP® professional.


When it comes to understanding the intricacies of investment, taxation and ever-changing rules and regulations, you might need help from a professional.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional can make a positive difference to your financial future. They will help you understand your financial situation, develop a strategy and give you guidance on things such as funding your children’s education, helping with budgeting and tax planning, having enough money to live comfortably in your retirement, insurance, estate planning and so on.

It’s all about helping you set your goals and devising a plan to give you the confidence that your financial future is secure. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional can give you the peace of mind and security that comes with being prepared for the future. Find your local CFP® professional today by using the Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) Find a Planner tool. 

There are many reasons you may need some help when it comes to your finances. Many people think financial planning is only for people with wealth. However, financial planning can help you significantly at different stages of your life.

When can financial advice help you?


You are establishing and building your career, launching a business or perhaps starting a family. You may be looking at getting married, buying your first home, having children and looking into family healthcare.

MID‑LIFE (40 TO 49)

This is your consolidation stage – achieving a comfortable lifestyle and thinking about managing your long-term future. You’re likely to focus on maintaining your lifestyle, managing your healthcare, looking into investments, tax management, your inheritance and retirement planning.


With 20 or more years of retirement ahead of you, your priorities will depend on how well you’ve prepared. Your main concerns may be protecting your assets, debt elimination, family healthcare, helping your children, retirement planning, looking into wills and trusts as well as a business exit strategy.


This is the time to indulge in hobbies or travel, enjoy your family and prepare for transferring your wealth. You may be thinking of protecting your assets, healthcare, aged care planning, inheritance tax mitigation, gifting to family, preserving your capital and estate planning.

Find your local CFP® professional today by using the Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) Match My Planner tool .