Future2 Foundation expands scope

05 April 2023


Future2 is the foundation of the financial services professional. Through its annual Make the Difference! Grants program, Future2 supports Australians experiencing social, financial or physical hardship. Future2 grant funding supports...

The Future2 Foundation (Future2) has expanded its scope to include members of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and the Self-Managed Super Fund Association (SMSFA) as participants in its charitable activities.

Alongside members of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), AFA and SMSF Association members can now nominate their local community causes for the Make the Difference grants program expected to open in August, and have the opportunity to participate infundraising that impacts locally, on an Australia-wide basis.

In line with this growth, Future2 is also broadening its focus to include all Australians in need rather than just younger Australians, allowing it to make an even bigger difference in the lives of Australians experiencing social, financial or physical hardship.

These changes are all part of Future2’s ongoing evolution.

They have been working with FPA members since 2007 to identify and support grassroots, community programs around Australia, helping those experiencing hardship. Future2 are excited to now be working with even more financial services professionals, includingmembers of SMSF Association and the AFA. They will also continue their partnership with the FPA through the new association, the Financial Advice Association Australia, once the merger of the FPA and AFA has completed.

Through the annual Make the Difference! Grants program, Future2 have supported over 150 local community programs and distributed $1.6 million to these causes.

Future2 encourage eligible members to keep their eye out for the next round of grant applications and take the opportunity to nominate causes close to their hearts.

To learn more about the Future2 Foundation, including how you can get involved, visit: future2foundation.org.au or find them on socials!

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