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05 June 2019

Jayson Forrest

Jayson Forrest is the managing editor of Money & Life Magazine.

The FPA has developed a range of tools and resources to help support members in their businesses. Here’s a sneak peek at some of them.

Match My Planner

Match My Planner is a new online service based on the Find a Planner tool. It is currently exclusive to CFP® professionals to help connect Australians looking for a financial planner. How does it work?

Match My Planner walks consumers through some questions to discover their:

– Financial goals;

– Demographic information (age, marital status and dependants); and

– Number of planners they wish to hear from.

When a consumer completes their Match My Planner online request, the information is sent out to participating FPA members who have downloaded the Match My Planner app on their mobile phone.

FPA members will receive a notification on their phone via the app letting them know when a consumer is looking for a planner in their geographic location. By opening up the app, the planner will receive all the details about the consumer, allowing them to decide if this is a lead they would like to reach out to. Consumers will be notified when an FPA member has sent a message request expressing their interest in helping the consumer. The tool operates on a first come-first served basis.

Search Match My Planner in your Google Play/Apple iTunes store to download the app for free to your smartphone or tablet. Have questions about Match My Planner? Read our answers to some commonly asked questions on the Match My Planner support page.

Education Pathways Tool

FPA Return to Learn is an online hub of tools and resources that support practitioner members as they navigate the FASEA education standards.

As part of Return to Learn, the Education Pathways Tool is a handy function. By answering a series of questions, users can identify what further studies they will need to undertake in order to comply with FASEA’s new education standard.

Once their education pathways has been identified, planners can use the Cost Comparison Tool, which covers all the approved education providers offering postgraduate degrees, allowing planners to compare degrees and help them to identify their best option.

This tool also includes a comparison of the credits each university will allocate to FPA members who have completed the five unit CFP® Certification Program. The tool also includes links to the University Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning policies.

Other helpful information available via this tool includes: duration of the program, cost per subject, full program cost, delivery mode and more.

To log in, click here.


More tools and resources

Here are some more great tools and resources that FPA members have access to:

FPA Fintech Buyers Guide and Checklist

A guide to help planners assess what fintech their business needs, and guide them on finding the right provider. Click here.

Mapping Fintech to the Financial Planning Process: FPA Report

A report that identifies and matches fintech solutions to the financial planning advice process. Click here.

Online fintech diagnostic tool

Developed with advice technology provider YTML, this tool quantifies the costs involved in providing advice, determines how long it takes to provide end-to-end service, and provides the basis for calculating how to price services. Click here.

Pronup eBook

This eBook, from the 2019 consumer CFP® ad campaign, encourages couples to plan for a better financial future together with a ‘Pronup’ – essentially, a financial plan.

Click here to access the eBook.