The gift that keeps on giving

06 April 2018

Jayson Forrest

Jayson Forrest is the managing editor of Money & Life Magazine.

Six planners explain what they are doing to help charities and not-for-profit organisations in their local community, and why they believe it’s important to do so?

Tracey Edwards CFP®

Director, First Advice Solutions

Licensee: First Advice Licensee Services

As Chair of the EBL Foundation, the work we do has a powerful social impact on some of those most vulnerable people in society who are living with severe and profound disabilities.

Furthermore, the work we do creates financial benefits through sponsorship of carer events to ensure families and caregivers can take a well-earned break from the caring role. I never realised how important this work was until I saw the impact it has.

Specifically, the Foundation sponsors people living with severe disability to participate in a range of recreational activities and assisted holidays that may be out of reach for many individuals.

As the Chair, I provide monetary oversight of the Foundation’s investments and expenditure. The Foundation continues to diversify its portfolio, with a current project underway involving key partners who are establishing innovative specialised disability housing.

The disability housing project will showcase a range of innovative building design features and integrated assistive technologies aimed at improving the access and independence of those clients who utilise the building.


David Hazlewood CFP®

Director, Knightswood House

Licensee: Consultum Financial Advisers

I’m a financial adviser who loves running and running marathons. I’ve developed a business that specialises in helping endurance athletes and adventurers to live a life of adventure, and be financially secure.

We are working with two specific charities in the running community.

The first is The Run Beyond Project, which uses running to develop goal setting, resilience and commitment in high school students who are facing adversity. We are helping develop curriculum resources that provide an introduction to financial planning in a way that supports the project’s aims, while also providing financial support and assisting with other fundraising endeavours.

We also work with Outrun Cancer and its principal, Luca Turrini. Luca is a client and a ‘Live The Dream’ brand ambassador for our business. We support his family and the organisation by providing advice to them at a significant discount. We are also involved in their fundraising efforts, including organising a team for the Outrun Cancer Treadmill Marathon.

Working with these organisations allows us to give back to the community that we are both part of and work within, enabling us to make maximum impact.

From a business perspective, our clients connect with the charities and their aims, and they know that part of their fees are going back into areas they care about.


Lisa Farnell CFP®

Financial Adviser, Financial Solutions Geraldton

Licensee: FYG Planners

Living regionally, our community only survives by people doing what they can to support local charities and not-for-profits. Many of the standard government resources simply aren’t available regionally without volunteers helping out. Personally, I feel more connected to my local community by being involved in things outside my standard circle of work and friendships.

I’m the Chair of a not-for-profit called S.T.A.Y. – Short Term Accommodation for Youth. Our core business is providing accommodation for youth (aged 14-24) in crisis, but the service extends beyond that to help young people re-engage in education or workplace training, to help them learn to manage and transition to independent living, look after their health and even learn to cook!

We were successful in obtaining a Future2 Grant this year for our driving program, which helps young people get their licences – an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have had and which significantly enhances their job prospects.

In addition to this role, I also serve as a Justice of the Peace (JP). This role involves document signing and witnessing for the public, police and local rangers, as well as performing basic Magistrate functions from time to time. Given we only have one Magistrate in town, this becomes an important job. It’s not widely known that the role of a JP is voluntary.

I encourage anyone thinking of getting involved with their local community to give it a go. It’s hugely rewarding and does make you feel good!


Peter Farrar CFP®

Financial Planner, Cape Financial Planning

Licensee: Financial Wisdom

Looking back, my wife and I have for many years provided financial support to worthy causes. It was mostly done via our business and we tended to support whatever was ‘on our radar’. For example, when we were younger, it was Greenpeace. Then we had kids, and we made our focus the children’s hospital and supported overseas kids through World Vision. Since then, we have added the Salvos and other various worthwhile charities to the list.

But looking back, we didn’t really support smaller local organisations, but I wish we had, because these local organisations are in our town.

We live in Busselton, a small regional town in Western Australia, two and half hours south of Perth. My current focus is a small not for profit organisation called ‘Lamp Inc’, and it is based right here in Busselton.

Lamp provides support to those suffering from mental health issues, and I really like their youth support program. But Lamp, like many local not for profits, is constantly struggling to access funding. People who are unwell, whether physically or mentally, need easy access to care facilities. Trying to get someone who is mentally unwell to travel for hours to get help just doesn’t work.

I guess I should have realised long ago that local organisations are vital. Being a smallish, regional financial planning practice, we provide support to a range of clients, and just like every other practice in the country, we are someone that people can speak to face-to-face when they need help or advice.

My wife and I look forward to continuing our support of not just the bigger organisations, but in future, some smaller ones too. Thanks again to the FPA and the Future2 Foundation.


Anne Graham CFP® LRS®

Managing Director/Senior Financial Planner, Story Wealth Management

Licensee: Securitor

Many people, from all walks of life, help charities, not-for-profits and other community service providers by donating time, money, goods and so forth. I’m no different. I’ve done everything, ranging from the school sausage sizzle to climbing mountains. In fact, I’m no longer allowed to answer the phone or a knock at the door – I’m a soft touch!

A few years ago, an opportunity to join the board of Future2 Foundation came up and that’s been the gift that keeps on giving! To see firsthand the difference that can be made to disadvantaged youth, when people come together with a common vision, is motivating, exciting and heart-warming.

With the many challenges we face in the world of financial planning, it’s a bonus to be able to look beyond my own issues (which in comparison are trivial) and focus on something else that’s far more important. Part of ‘making the difference’ with Future2 is playing an active role in connecting our planning community, right across Australia, with each other to help support others in need.

As a fundraiser, I’ve had the privilege to camp, climb and hike with perfect strangers, who’ve become lifelong friends.

As a board member, I’m also fortunate to help plan for the years ahead and inspire more of our community to get involved and make an even bigger difference.

As a member of a broad community, our kids, friends, clients and colleagues can be positively influenced by the actions we take, and that’s important.

I’m so fortunate to have found something I care about, which gives me purpose and (hopefully) makes me a better person. I hope everyone is as lucky as me.


Joseph Hoe CFP®

Financial Adviser, Wealthwise

Licensee: Financial Wisdom

I’m involved in various charities, focusing predominantly on youth and education. Through my philanthropic board memberships, I have many opportunities to share my financial expertise and experience to work towards their strategic goals.

I am a board member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – WA, as well as sit on the national board of EdConnect, a national charity that connects volunteers to mentor more than 11,000 primary and high school students who need help and guidance.

Also, I’m one the directors of the FPA’s Future2 Foundation. We exist to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most. Through grants to community not-for-profits and charities, the Future2 Foundation supports our young Australians who are financially and socially disadvantaged, helping them to productive, fulfilling lives in the community.

As we reach our 10 year anniversary, the Foundation has raised over $800,000 for our local charities and communities.

So, as you can see, philanthropy is one of my greatest passions in life.

As Winston Churchill once said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

What we do to our clients matters to their lives, and what we do to our communities matters to our clients.

By giving back to the community, we play an active role in promoting the work of financial planners to everyday Australians, which highlights the values of our profession.

Sir Charles Court said: “Whatever we want for Australia, we should look for in ourselves. We must all lead by example, as we cannot expect Australians to do what we are not willing to do ourselves.”

If we, as members of our beloved profession, bear the sentiments of this challenge in our minds, in our words and our deeds, then I believe we will earn the respect of our communities and perhaps ignite in young Australians, a flame of faith in our vocation and our profession. For me, that is a challenge worth meeting.

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