Are your clients getting their Medicare benefits?

23 April 2019

Hank Jongen

Hank Jongen is General Manager at the Department of Human Services.

The Government is contacting over 670,000 Australians who are owed more than $110 million in Medicare benefits.

The Department of Human Services is contacting more than 670,000 Australians who are collectively owed more than $110 million in Medicare benefits. The amount owed represents approximately 0.5 per cent of the total amount paid out in Medicare benefits each year. The average amount owed to each individual is about $150.However, these people can’t receive their benefit as they haven’t yet given Medicare their bank account details.

If this is one of your clients, they will receive an official letter telling them what they need to do next. Only people who haven’t registered their bank account details will get a reminder letter. If your client doesn’t get one, they don’t need to do anything.

If your client doesn’t have their bank account details registered with Medicare, they can add or update them online using their secure Medicare online account through myGov or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

The money will then be deposited into their account within a few days.

It’s very important that people only respond to an official letter from the Department of Human Services.

Late last year, scammers were actively targeting people through SMS messages urging them to click on a hyperlink to claim outstanding Medicare rebates.

While the department does call, SMS or email people from time to time, it never includes hyperlinks in emails or text messages.

We also never ask people to transfer money, buy gift cards or vouchers, provide passwords or PIN numbers to bank accounts, or to click on links or download files.

Your clients can find more information on how to get their Medicare benefits at by clicking here.