Financial Planning

Financial Planning Week 2021

13 September 2021

Money & Life team

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In October 2021, the Financial Planning Association will be joining the global celebrations for Financial Planning Week. It’s the 21st consecutive year for the FPA to be running events and research to raise awareness of the value of financial planning. Find out what’s happening from 4 – 9 October and in the lead up to Financial Planning Week.

In a decade that’s been marked by unprecedented change triggered by a global pandemic, the challenges and opportunities for financial planning are significant. The profession itself is evolving rapidly as the many legislative changes recommended by Hayne Royal Commission Enquiry are introduced. What hasn’t changed though, is the potential for the profession to bring peace of mind to everyday Australians and secure their finances to help them thrive during these times of change.

Another year of change for Australians

With almost 60 per cent of the national population – around 15 million Australians – having experienced lockdowns due to COVID disruption, Australians are thinking more than ever about what’s important to them and their families. With a shift in their outlook on life, it’s an even higher priority for them to focus on what they value most here and now, and in their plans for the future. Making the most of their financial situation can certainly play a big part in those plans.

In the context of this new COVID world, the FPA will share the Financial Planning Standards Board’s (FPSB) ongoing campaign, Live Your Today. Plan Your Tomorrow as the theme of this year’s Financial Planning Week, to show that, even during times of global uncertainty, Australians can live their best lives through financial advice.

Our second survey on COVID and finances

In the lead up to Financial Planning Week, the FPA will be running our second survey exploring how Australians have experienced the last 12 months of disruption and uncertainty. The research will ask them about plans for the future and what action they’re taking to adapt their financial situation and behaviours to the new norm of living in a COVID world.

Results from this edition of the FPA Money & Life Tracker: Freedom Edition will build on findings from the 2020 survey which revealed the financial concerns of Australians, their experience of money-related stress and changes in financial behaviour they’re making in response to the financial consequences of the pandemic.

The FPA will use findings from the 2021 FPA Money & Life Tracker: Freedom Edition research to demonstrate the value of financial planning through traditional and social media platforms, as well as the Money & Life website and newsletter. A toolkit for FPA members will be shared to help them in sharing research insights with clients and their contact database to drive awareness and engagement with the value of financial advice.

The research will tie back to the FPSB theme and showcase the FPA and our members as an expert guiding voice on how to manage the financial fallout from COVID, through engagement with professional financial advice.

Global celebrations

This year FPA Financial Planning Week activities will coincide with two other global events:

World Financial Planning Day is an opportunity for the global financial planning profession to come together for one day to raise awareness of the value of financial planning. Now in its fifth year, the FPSB is joining forces with IOSCO to host World Financial Planning Day during World Investor Week, a global campaign designed to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy and investor education.

By partnering with IOSCO on this initiative, the FPSB Network – including FPA Australia – will demonstrate the importance of financial planning and the role the profession plays in supporting better financial outcomes for people throughout the world.

As part of the activities organised for World Financial Planning Day, the FPSB is presenting a live international panel discussion on The Future of Client Needs and Advice Delivery. The FPSB will also unveil the findings of global research conducted in the lead up to this annual event. To help spread awareness on the value of financial planning, the World Financial Planning Day website – – will feature a range of articles and resources from the FPSB network to educate people on a range of financial planning topics.

World Investor – is a global campaign promoted by IOSCO to raise awareness about the importance of investor education and protection. During the week of 4-9 October, World Investor Week will offer a range of activities, including competitions to raise awareness of investor education initiatives, as well as workshops and conferences.

If you’re an FPA member, look out for your Financial Planning Week toolkit coming soon to your inbox with ideas and ways to get involved.