Introducing the Ethi-Call hotline service

03 August 2020

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Making ethical choices is a vital part of your role as a financial planner. With the Ethi-call service from The Ethics Centre you can access a free, confidential counselling session with a trained expert in ethics.  

Ethical conduct is one of the most important parts of working as a financial planner. With the introduction of the FASEA Code of Ethics, financial planners now have guidance and examples to help us consistently perform our role in an ethical way. But even with this framework in place to support ethical choices in the financial planning process, you may still find yourself facing situations and decisions that are challenging from an ethical perspective.

Book a one-hour free ethical consultation

The Ethics Centre is a not-for-profit organisation engaged in activities to empower and inform people facing modern challenges. They offer a one-on-one ethical counselling service that can help you navigate questions that may come up when you’re discussing a client’s financial affairs and making recommendations for their financial plan.

Ethi-call counsellors are trained to help you find clarity when you are stuck and struggling to know what to do.  The Ethi-call service is not about providing a legal or financial answer, but rather to steer you through a series of questions that will help shine a light on the problem you are trying to solve.

To book in a confidential one-hour phone call with a trained ethics counsellor, visit the Ethi-call web site to arrange a time that suits you. During the call your ethics counsellor will provide expert, impartial guidance and tools to help you explore complex ethical problems. Remember, while they can’t provide you with a straightforward answer, they can support you in working towards a decision and a way forward.

Ethi-call has a wide range of session times available to suit your schedule. Bookings are by appointment only. There is no charge for the phone call and the service is available to everyone.

The ethics of financial planning

Through the Ethi-call service you have access to counsellors who are experienced in providing guidance to financial planners. They are trained to take you through a series of questions that help shine a light on the problem you’re trying to solve. Whether your issue is personal or professional, large or small, Ethi-call can help you find clarity and support in choosing what to do next.

Ethi-call counsellors do not provide legal or financial advice.

If you are looking for guidance on ethical conduct under the FASEA Code of Ethics, visit the FASEA website for further information.  The FPA Return to Learn portal for FPA members also provides helpful commentary on the FASEA Code of Ethics.

Explore ethics at the FPA Virtual Congress 2020

During September 2020, the FPA is offering four two-hour sessions on The FASEA Code of Ethics in Practice as part of our FPA [Virtual] Congress event series. Two of these sessions will be facilitated by Dr Matt Beard from The Ethics Centre. During these sessions you can delve deep into the FASEA Code of Ethics, and learn from real life examples and practical applications of the code.

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