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11 February 2019

Jayson Forrest

Jayson Forrest is the managing editor of Money & Life Magazine.

Rosa Velkovski strapped on the hiking boots and took on the 2018 Future2 Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge. She talks about her motivation for doing so.

1. What motivated you to participate in the Future2 Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge?

The opportunity to support Future2, having seen much of the great work it does to support disadvantaged youth around the country, was a motivating factor for me to participate in the Future2 Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge.

Many young people do not have the financial and family support network to reach their full potential and need a helping hand.

More broadly, in a year that has been very challenging for our whole industry, where we often overlook the personal toll our roles and responsibility may take, it was great to join a group of like-minded people to celebrate health and wellbeing.

2. What was the most challenging part of undertaking the Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge?

Although I enjoy walking the family dog, I had never undertaken such an arduous challenge as this two day hike.

In undertaking this challenge, I did have some pre-existing physical ailments and a little mental anxiety that the challenge was going to be too much to overcome. However, the support of the other participants and some seasoned hikers, plenty of positive encouragement, as well as lots of Gatorade and sugar, were enough to get me through. Oh, and a good pair of hiking boots didn’t go astray either!

3. What were some of the highlights of participating in the Hiking Challenge?

The other participants were a definite highlight. A long walk allows you to talk about life, personal challenges and to hear inspiring stories from others. Defining success, creating a work/life balance, and having the ability to take the time to enjoy it all was very inspiring.

And the picturesque setting of the Blue Mountains, great hiking weather and the solace of connecting with nature, all provided the ideal space to think, reflect and regenerate – even if it was with aching joints!

4. Was it difficult to fundraise for the Hiking Challenge and how supportive were people towards your fundraising challenge?

It was not difficult to fundraise for the challenge. I received donations and plenty of encouragement from family, friends and work colleagues (both current and previous) in support of the great work the Future2 Foundation does.

My employer, Nab Wealth was also a Corporate Gold Sponsor for the two Future2 Challenges (the Future2 Wheel Classic and the Future2 Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge). Nab Wealth also ran a work funding page with a bike placed in our office building. Staff were provided the opportunity to ride and donate, so there were several opportunities for staff to donate to Future2.

So, we achieved great results overall, for a great cause.

Rosa Velkovski is Strategic Account Manager at Nab Asset Management.

Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge

Sixteen hikers participated in the 2018 Future2 Blue Mountains Hiking Challenge, which covered 45km over two days across the challenging terrain of the Six Foot Track and Megalong Valley. MLC was the gold sponsor of the Future2 Hiking Challenge.

For the second consecutive year, Anne Graham CFP® LRS® and David Graham CFP® received the Hiking Challenge Award for fundraising the most money for this challenge.

Find out about the four-day 2019 Hiking Challenge in Victoria’s Grampians National Park. Visit