AIA Vitality: Five years on, many thousands strong

06 May 2019

2019 is a big year for AIA Australia. In addition to marking a century since the company was founded in Shanghai, the year also celebrates the fifth anniversary of the launch of AIA Vitality in Australia. This unique, science-based initiative has been transforming customer engagement by giving Vitality members the knowledge, tools and motivation to improve their health and wellness, while also offering rewards for being proactive.  

It is a lamentable truth that around 90 per cent of deaths in Australia are attributable to four non-communicable diseases (NCDs)[1]: respiratory disease, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. The good news is that there is a strong correlation between each of these conditions and unhealthy lifestyle choices, meaning that they are largely preventable by adopting a good diet and regular exercise.

AIA Vitality in action

Since its inception on 6 March 2014, the AIA Vitality program has provided motivation, advice and financial incentives to over 168,000 Australians looking to live healthier, longer, better lives. Data collected by Discovery, the creator of Vitality, indicates that the program’s South African members make fewer medical claims, are less likely to be hospitalised, and spend less time in hospital when admitted[2].

By encouraging clients to join AIA Vitality when they purchase life insurance, financial advisers are doing more than ensuring they are covered in the event of illness or injury – they are equipping them to potentially achieve a full recovery or even avoid ill-health completely.

Good health, great rewards

Keeping customers happy, loyal and connected is key to moving any business forward. The AIA Vitality program offers financial advisers the following benefits:

  • Increased touch points. AIA Vitality has developed a suite of resources to keep clients positively engaged with their adviser on their journey to improved health and wellbeing.
  • A proven impact on reducing PP and PPPI lapse rates. Based on current statistics, AIA Vitality members in Australia are 30 per cent less likely to let their policy lapse than non-AIA Vitality members[3].
  • The opportunity, by integrating health and lifestyle into your current service offering, to increase customer value proposition (CVP).
  • Access to exciting adviser incentives and opportunities, including AIA’s exclusive Executive Wellness Program (EWP).
  • An opportunity to expand the conversation with clients beyond insurance, finance, superannuation and investment to health and wellbeing.

Significantly, AIA Vitality also offers its members the opportunity to start earning financial benefits the moment their memberships begins. In return for taking steps to improve their health through exercise, nutrition and health screenings, members earn points that contribute to their overall AIA Vitality status.

Their AIA Vitality status determines the level of discount they receive on some of AIA Vitality’s rewards, including insurance premiums, flight cashbacks and e-gift cards. Since 2014, members of the AIA Vitality program in Australia have earned almost $2.5 million in AIA Vitality Active Benefits vouchers. In 2018 alone, members received $3.2 million cash back on flights, $4.4 million worth of shopping vouchers, and 38,296 discounted movie tickets.

Yours in health and wealth

Good health, be it financial or physical, is achieved through a common formula of discipline, vision, hard work and ambition. For five years, AIA Vitality has been empowering individuals to accomplish their personal goals by knowing their health, improving it and enjoying the rewards.

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Copyright © 2019 AIA Australia Limited (ABN 79 004 837 861 AFSL 230043). This is general information only, without taking into account factors like the objectives, financial situation, needs or personal circumstances of any individual and is not intended to be financial, legal, tax, medical, nutritional, health, fitness or other advice.

AIA Vitality is available with eligible products issued by AIA Australia. Participation in the AIA Vitality program is subject to the AIA Vitality Terms and Conditions. Rules relating to premium discounts and cashbacks where the life insured is an AIA Vitality Member are mentioned in the relevant PDS and in the Premium Adjustment Rules located at For the most up-to-date information and to view the AIA Vitality Terms and Conditions see Partner terms and conditions may also apply.



[3] Lapse improvement rate based on rolling 12 month lapse rates for AIA Vitality and non-AIA Vitality members, by policy count, as at April 18.

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