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Gifts that Give

What’s your Gift Giver Personality? [QUIZ]

19 August 2019

Money & Life team

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Happy birthday. Season’s greetings. Congratulations! 

From chucking confetti to winning with wine, there are likely dozens of gifts you’ll purchase for loved ones this year. So what kind of gift giver are you?

New FPA national research reveals four distinct gift giving personalities in our Australian psyche. Some Gift Givers prefer to give personal gifts over functional ones, and some choose gifts deliberately, while others choose spontaneously. 

Which one are you? Take this one minute quiz to find out.  (Quiz takes less time than it takes to find the end of the sticky tape!)

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What type of Gift-Giver Personality are you?
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For more information about each of the four Australian Gift Giver Personalities, including yours, download the FPA “Gifts that Give” 2019 National Research Report.