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Keeping the 2020 CFP® consumer campaign on target

12 May 2020

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Here's a closer look at the FPA's annual CFP® consumer marketing advertising campaign. 

As well as working with a panel of eight CFP® members to develop campaign concepts and review outputs from our agency partners, we have involved the whole CFP® community by putting concepts to a vote to come up with our core campaign message.

Having a robust, consultative process has been even more important in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on our profession, clients and our entire society. Any communication and advertising on behalf of the FPA and our members must be sensitive and relevant to what people are experiencing. People are also having to process vast amounts of information on a daily basis to keep on top of the latest economic and public health impacts and Government responses to these.

Here is the campaign theme:

Planning and responding in uncertain times: during times of national and global hardship, people are often forced to re-evaluate and reassess their situation, especially their financial one. Our campaign will highlight the importance of talking to a CFP® professional for advice.

FPA board member Delma Newton CFP® is also one of the eight panel members who have been working to ensure the campaign is relevant to the needs of the CFP® community and the current COVID-19 situation as it unfolds.

“At a time when many Australians will be feeling more confused and anxious than ever about their financial future, the panel wanted the campaign execution to convey a very clear message that there is trust in financial planners and what a financial planner can do for you,“ says Delma “Ikon came back with four creative approaches based on the original concept and theme. There were two really strong ideas so we asked them to work on a hybrid of these.”

Messages for the new CFP® consumer campaign include:

Each message links to a dedicated FPA webpage giving Australians information about the topic, the role of a CFP professional and prompts them to use Match My Planner to match with a CFP professional.

Here are the social media creatives accompanying the messages:

The campaign runs from May until June 2020.

‘Ask a CFP® professional’ is the repeated message of the new advertising campaign. each time preceded by a question that is likely to be on the minds of Australians right now. “It’s a very timely message as there is so much uncertainty out there for so many people.” says Delma. “It also gives us the ability to be agile with the campaign as the situation changes and new questions arise. As the campaign will be running over several months, this is absolutely key to making sure the message is still strong enough to reach people in spite of the information overload they’re experiencing.”

With people spending so much time at home due to social distancing restrictions, the campaign will not be rolled out across transport and shopping hubs as it has been in recent years. All distribution will be via digital channels and radio advertising with a call to action for consumers to visit a campaign webpage for more information and to connect with a CFP® professional via Match My Planner.

Read more about the consumer advertising campaign on the FPA Advertising HQ webpage.