Embracing better wellbeing: how AIA Vitality empowers a healthier Australia

23 November 2023


AIA Australia is a leading life, health, and wellbeing insurer driven by a purpose to help people live healthier, longer, better lives.

In a world where embracing healthier living has become a universal goal, AIA Vitality has gained significant global recognition as a catalyst for better health and wellbeing. Now, a world-first independent analysis of Australian AIA Vitality data has revealed precisely how the program contributes to positive health outcomes in Australia.

Analysing AIA Vitality in Australia

Conducted by RAND Europe, the study examined the effects of various types and levels of health and wellbeing engagement. It also aimed to investigate the impact of AIA Vitality within the Australian market and its influence on overall health.

The local context

In Australia, a combination of 5 modifiable behavioural factors – physical inactivity, poor diet, tobacco use, alcohol intake, and environmental risks – collectively contribute to the prevalence of 5 chronic conditions. These include cancer, lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, and mental health disorders. Alarmingly, these chronic conditions account for 90% of premature deaths in the country. In the face of this challenge, AIA Vitality incentivises its members to actively engage with their health and wellbeing, leading to significant value for individuals and society at large.

The current state of play

  • 2 in 3 Australian adults are overweight or obese[1]
  • If this trend continues, 18 million Australians will be overweight or obese by 2030
  • 44% of Australians aged 16-86 are estimated to have experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime[2]
  • Anxiety disorders, affective disorders, and substance abuse disorders are the country’s most common mental illnesses
  • Of 14% of Australians surveyed with 4 or more health risk factors, 40% believed they were in good or very good health.[3]

How has AIA Vitality performed in Australia?

After an extensive analysis of AIA Vitality data from September 2013 to July 2022, the study showed that just knowing their health had a significantly positive impact on members most at risk. Additionally, actively engaging in AIA Vitality improved members’ overall health outcomes.

A snapshot of the AIA Vitality impact

On physical health:

  • 10% of members with a BMI in the overweight range moved into a healthy range within 2 years
  • Weight maintenance becomes more difficult with age, but AIA Vitality helps members maintain their weight

On mental health:

  • 50% of members experiencing mental health distress moved into the low distress range within 2 years
  • A combination of mental and physical wellbeing activities contributed to improved mental health

Want to learn more?

If you’d like more information about AIA Vitality and AIA Australia, visit aia.com.au

For more information or to explore the full study, read  The AIA Vitality Program in Australia.



[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey 2017-2018

[2] Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2022

[3] Australia’s Healthiest Workplace Survey 2019











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