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FPA Wellbeing goes live

01 July 2019

Jayson Forrest

Jayson Forrest is the managing editor of Money & Life Magazine.

FPA Wellbeing is a free and confidential coaching and support program for FPA members to assist them with their health and wellbeing.

The FPA has launched FPA Wellbeing – a free and confidential coaching and support program for FPA members that has been specifically developed to assist members through this challenging time for the profession.

The FPA Wellbeing program is being run in partnership with Benestar® to provide a comprehensive support program to assist members with their health and wellbeing.

Commenting on the launch of the new program, FPA CEO Dante De Gori CFP® acknowledged the toll the recent Royal Commission and related legislative changes were having on many planners. He said FPA Wellbeing was introduced in recognition that planners were facing considerable change and uncertainty, and the FPA wanted to ensure that members who needed support had access to it.

“We are in the midst of extraordinary change as a profession. Higher education standards are forcing many of us to go back to the books and study, which is not easy when you’re running a business, a family, and volunteering in your community, like so many of our members do,” he said.

“Raising standards and advancing change is absolutely necessary, but at the same time it’s very, very difficult. We’re encouraging members to prioritise their wellbeing and reach out if they need more support to navigate the changes affecting all of us in different ways. Our new FPA Wellbeing support program is one way to do that.”

De Gori added that the health and wellness of planners was vitally important, not only for themselves but for their respective staff and clients. “Australian consumers need to be able to rely on a healthy and stable financial planning profession,” he said.

However, De Gori emphasised that using the service didn’t mean a practitioner had mental health or wellbeing issues. Instead, he said the trained counsellors and coaches available through the service could be used by planners to avoid making rash decisions that could ultimately affect their health and wellness.

“This service is to assist any member who feels anxious, confused or stressed and who feel the need to talk to someone,” he said. “FPA Wellbeing is there to assist members now and to help prevent anything happening in the future.”

The service offers support for:

My Coach: Personal, confidential support sessions with qualified counsellors, psychologists and coaches via the phone, Live Chat or face-to-face; and

BeneHub: A library of health and wellbeing resources available on your mobile phone via an app, or from your computer or tablet via a website.

“The person who can have the biggest impact on your health and wellbeing is you. But with so much information available, it’s hard to know what is reliable or where to begin. That’s why we’ve partnered with Benestar® to bring you a comprehensive health and wellbeing program to help you feel great and to be your best self.”

Like many other FPA tools and services – like Return to Learn and Match My Planner – FPA Wellbeing is available for members to use if they need it. There is no obligation or judgement for members who do choose to use it. “The FPA’s role is to help and support our members through change and that is what we are doing,” De Gori said.

To access FPA Wellbeing, members need to phone 1300 360 364, or you can register by clicking here and go to the BeneHub Login. Enter Company ID: FPA and Token: FPA01.